The science behind casino AI

Casino AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) was once a thing of science fiction. No one could have imagined the impact that it would go on to have on our day to day lives. Perhaps, just as surprising is how AI has gone on to impact and influence online casinos.

What matters most with online casinos is that they can be trusted. The remote aspect of playing online means that players need to have faith that games are fair. AI goes some way towards providing this fairness and trust. Rather than asking "Can one beat the slot machine algorithm?", players are more concerned with ensuring that the algorithms are fair and allow the real possibility to win. AI has ensured that this is the case.

What is AI?

Before looking too deeply at how AI is used in casinos, it is worth considering what AI actually is. Broadly speaking, it is a technology or an algorithm, that has a degree of intelligence. What this means is that it is capable of learning and it is capable of duplicating what humans do. The thing with AI is that when it duplicates these tasks it is much faster than we are.

When AI is used in machines, those machines then act like they are able to make their own decisions. They are also able to collect and store data that humans can then use to make other decisions.

AI and games of skill

What has perhaps highlighted just how intelligent AI can be is its use in games of skill. It is now over 20 years since the world-famous chess master Garry Kasparov was beaten at his own game by a computer. The IBM computer, known as Deep Blue, demonstrated just how powerful AI was and how it can even outdo a human mind.

In 2017, a computer programme known as Libratus was used in games of poker. This AI went on to play and beat some of the best, and most respected, poker players in the world. This again highlights the power of AI.

What does AI mean for online slots?

Those who enjoy online slots, and other casino games, will no doubt be familiar with random number generators (RNG). These do just what the name suggests - they generate random numbers. This means that the outcome of online casino games are random and also fair. There is no way that the casinos themselves can fix the outcome and stop players from winning.

AI is now being rolled out to slot machines on a different level. It is something that is being used to improve the player experience as well as monitor player behaviour. This is a great way for online casinos to identify, and deter, cheats. This is great news for the rest of us who are looking for a fair game.

The impact on customer service

As we have already seen, the remote aspect of online casinos means that player trust is of the utmost importance. One way that casinos are able to increase levels of trust is by providing outstanding levels of customer service. There are no doubt plenty of players who have met the frustrating, inadequate, chatbot when they have had a query and have, to some extent, been put off a certain online casino. AI used correctly, should see an end to this.

AI is being used to ensure that the casino's interaction with players is second to none. Beyond the ability to deal with queries, AI is ensuring that players are understood meaning that they are offered the most relevant bonuses and loyalty programmes that suit exactly how they play.