Anna Frozen Haircuts

In this hairdressing game, you will have fun for hours! Become a real fashion pro with Anna Frozen Haircuts

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Your goal in this beauty game is to make Anna the most beautiful of all the princesses. The doors of the palace seldom open to accommodate a ball ... For the coronation of his sister Elsa, Anna will finally have the opportunity to find her prince charming! But she will not attract the love of her life if she is not properly dressed. Elsa asks you to prepare her for this unique occasion. Press "Play" and turn her into a real princess!


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How to play Anna Frozen Haircuts


To play, you will only need your mouse. Click on the "Play" button to start a game. Then you will see an Anna with tousled hair. You will have plenty of dyes on the right to color the princess's hair at will. There are several shades in the colors so take your time to choose the prettiest! On your left, you have all sorts of objects and devices to perfect the whole. You can use the brooch, hair dryer or, if you really feel bold, the lawn mower. When you are satisfied with the result, press the arrow at the bottom left of the screen. This time, we propose you to choose the dress, the necklace and the crown. Press the arrow again to send it to the ball. Anna will smile if she appreciates what you're doing! The sound and graphics are very faithful to the Disney cartoon and you can have fun for hours. Do not forget to invite your friends to play on social networks Facebook and Twitter! Enjoy !