3 key online casino trends for 2023

If there's one word to describe this year's top three casino trends, it's innovation in every sense of the word. From a technological point of view, suppliers are constantly on the lookout for the latest developments to offer players.

But innovation is also driven by behavior. Today's casino enthusiasts want an experience that is open to new ways of playing online. Focus on the three trends dominating the iGaming market this year.

Trend No. 1: VR for large-format immersion

VR stands for Virtual Reality. This recent technology enables you to immerse yourself in a digitally recreated world. The world in question may come from a real world, such as a poker room, or be totally imaginary.

The experience is both auditory and visual, and can include a tactile sensation. On Lucky8 casino, the feeling of being present in a roulette or blackjack room is breathtaking. And yet, it's all done via streaming.

Virtual Reality takes things a step further. By equipping yourself with a VR headset, you'll have the impression of being physically present in the casino room. The environment is reconstructed down to the smallest detail... Las Vegas, Monaco, Malta, whatever the location, you're there.

What's more, you can interact with game elements and other players in real time. All without leaving your home.

Poker tables, slot machines, roulette - casinos adopting this technology allow everyone to enjoy a real experience by creating a customizable avatar and having genuine interaction with other participants.

Trend No. 2: Artificial intelligence for greater game customization

In November 2022, the arrival of ChatGPT hit like a bombshell. From now on, anyone with an Internet connection is able to use this language-based AI. This text generation system relies on Deep Learning to understand and write coherent responses.

How is this possible? Through Machine Learning. This is machine learning, a branch of AI that enables computers to learn from the data we feed them. With Machine Learning and later Deep Learning, computers have become capable of responding to data at several levels of complexity. And they do so autonomously, without human intervention. This opens the way to new applications, particularly in the online casino sector.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the online gaming experience is enhanced as AI analyzes players' habits and preferences using statistics. It provides game providers with tailor-made recommendations. More personalization, but also more interactivity, which improves player engagement and loyalty.

Artificial intelligence in the service of security

AI goes even further, helping to strengthen online security. Players, quite rightly, want to be able to play with peace of mind, without having to fear any kind of trickery. To this end, pattern recognition systems are able to detect strange behavior or attempted fraud.

All these elements enable online casinos to reassure players and, above all, to intervene quickly if a problem is spotted. AI isn't exactly new; it's been around for a long time, notably in conversational robots providing instant responses.

Trend No. 3: Cryptocurrencies and blockchain

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin. In reality, no one knows who he is: a lone human or a collective. It doesn't really matter. The idea of a currency free from state control found fertile ground for its evolution in the economic crisis in the USA.

In Greater America, the markets are collapsing, and with them the confidence of investors to continue supporting the economy. The spectre of 1929's Black Thursday looms large. On January 3, 2009, Satoshi mined the first block. In fact, he wrote the first blockchain in history. This computer technology ensures the security of transactions, attracting players who prefer confidentiality.

What's more, paying with cryptocurrencies is much faster, whether you're making a deposit or withdrawal at an online casino. No fees are applied, which is a significant plus compared to traditional banking methods.

Some casinos go even further, allowing only virtual payments, at the risk of turning their backs on many players not yet accustomed to this type of transaction. These crypto-casinos prefer to ensure total anonymity for players by offering not only Bitcoin, but also Ethereum, Litecoin and Tether.

According to Coinmarketcap, there will be over 16,000 cryptocurrencies on the market in 2023. Many are neither active nor valuable. Only 1,500 different virtual currencies are currently listed.

These three trends testify to the vitality of the online gaming market. Casinos are constantly looking for ways to renew themselves. Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrencies are just the tip of the iceberg. No doubt other ways of playing and involving the player will emerge in the years to come. Trends that are ever more immersive and captivating.